Holiday Gift Guide

Holidays is the time of the year where we think of others and spend time with family and friends. It is also the time where we run to the mall looking for a last minute holiday gift for those that we forgot to add to our holiday shopping list. While some of us celebrate Christmas, others celebrate both Christmas and New Years and some of us don’t celebrate but still feel obligated to give presents to friends and co-workers that do.

When it comes to the holiday gift giving, we need to plan ahead. We need a list of people that we will give gifts to and write down ideas of what they like. Think back on what they’ve mentioned they would like or want to try and look for that perfect gift. Here is a holiday gift guide that will help you make your 2019 holiday season go more smoothly.

Gifts for Tech Lovers

Amazon Echo- I love this thing and wouldn’t mind it as a gift. *Wink, Wink* Not only does this speaker play your music, answers your questions, and orders Domino’s pizza for you, it can read you books! This is a perfect gift for any tech lover or even your older parents who need to step into the 21st century. The Amazon Echo is under $200 and it will be utilized daily. From adding items to your shopping list to updating you on the traffic and locating restaurants you want to try, Alexa can do it all.

Smart Watch- Today you can find a smart watch for under $200 that will do everything you need. These watches can show your heart rate, connect to your phone and show your text messages, Facebook notifications and more. Not only can you find a high tech smart watch that is affordable but also that looks like a watch that only fancy men wear.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid- If you know someone that loves Star Wars and technology, they will love this little toy. It can be used to chase your pets or to interact with the droid. It’s also under 200 dollars and can be used by kids and adults.

Action Camera- You do not have to purchase a GoPro to get a great sports camera. There are 4K action cameras for 50 dollars or more. They even come with accessories so that you can attach the camera to your bicycle, motorcycle, car dashboard, or even on your dog while they are performing tricks. These cameras are great for anyone that is active.

Holiday Gifts for Cooks/Kitchen

Air Fryer- The air fryer is an extremely popular kitchen gadget. It will help you cook delicious food without oil. If you know someone that wants to be healthier, this is a gift that keeps on giving. With so many available options, you’ll easily find a great air fryer for your budget.

3-in-1 Machine- If you know someone that just moved to a small apartment or is going to college, the Nostalgia 3-in-1 breakfast station is a great solution. This machine has a toaster, a 4 cup coffee maker and non-stick griddle. You can make your breakfast and coffee all on one machine in one location.

Chilling Cubes/Rocks- If you know someone that loves their cup of whiskey or other liquid drink, they can use these chilling rocks. They are reusable cubes that will keep the drink cold without melting or diluting the drink.

Beauty Gifts for the Holidays

Beauty Subscription Boxes- There are plenty of great beauty subscription that are affordable and send unique samples. You can choose a 3-months subscription for your friends or family member. Even older teens will love a beauty subscription with quality beauty products and not $1 store items.

Foot Massager- My friend has mentioned on a few different occasions how she needs a good foot rub. She works in a store where she stands all day long and puts a lot of strain on her back and feet. If you know someone that could use a good foot massage get them a machine that can help. A foot massage can also help improve blood flow and reduce tension in the feet.

Spa Day Gift Card- A lot of us give spa gift cards but if you really want someone to go and not just re-gift your gift, set a date. This way you can make sure that it will be used and even if they argue and say you shouldn’t have they will come out refreshed and more relaxed. Everyone deserves to be pampered, even if it’s for an hour, one day out of the year.

Bath Caddy- If you know someone that loves their baths, give them a bath caddy. This accessory can hold a book, a tablet, and the most important item- your large glass of wine.

Holiday Gifts for Teens

Wireless Earbuds- It’s inevitable – teens love their music. This holiday give them a new pair of earbuds or headphones that will suit their musical needs.

FujiFilm Mini Camera- This camera is perfect for teenage girls. You can take photos and print them right away. You might end up borrowing the camera for your girls’ night out.

Personalized Gifts for the Holiday

Yoga Mats- If you know someone that loves yoga and needs a new mat, get them a personalized one. It can have their nickname on it, an image or their name. Make them smile and think of you every time they use their new mat.

Kitchen Tools- Knives sets and cutting boards can all be personalized. These gifts are great for newlywed couples or anyone that loves to cook. You can also give them a personalized apron.

Tote- A personalized tote with an image, the personal’s favorite saying or their favorite thing, is a great gift for someone that uses shopping tote bags. You can also add other items in the tote bag to fluff up your gift.

Jewelry- I personally do not like monogrammed jewelry but some people absolutely love it. You can get everything from initials to full name or nickname on a necklace, earrings, bracelets or on charms. You can also get initialed cufflinks for men if they wear suits and use or collect cufflinks.

This is my basic holiday gift guide that should give you some ideas on what to purchase this year. I will also be adding additional guides on what to give for stocking stuffers and to hosts of holiday parties and more!

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