Gifts for Men

Even though we complain and whine about the men in our lives, we still love them. This is why when it’s their birthday, holiday or anniversary we want to surprise them with gifts they will love. My hubby knows how to surprise me and gives me pretty awesome gifts –whether edible or wearable. I on the other hand am learning to give him more meaningful gifts and listen to him carefully. When he mentions “I don’t have this tool to complete the project” or “I want one of those” I make sure to mark it down or jot it down in my bad memory.

If you are tired of giving bad gifts or gift cards to the men in your life, listen up. Here are just a few gifts for men that will get them excited, no matter what age they are.

Gift Ideas for Men

Drone– Everyone is fascinated with drones and why wouldn’t they be? You get to fly a little electronic toy in the air and record the view. Now you can get everyone on your list a drone because they are that affordable! You can find mini drones for less than 20 dollars and great standard droves with a remote and camera for a hundred dollars. The choices are very wide so you can easily find the color, brand and drone you want.

Action Camera-A GoPro or any similar action camera is a must for any sport enthusiast or outdoorsy man. With an action camera you can record all your bike trails, motorcycle rides, hikes, or any other adventure you go on. You might decide that recording your daily drive to work is worth it as well.

Wallet Multi-Tool- A nifty gift got men that they can keep in their wallet is a multi-tool. This handy tool can even open beer bottles, be used as a ruler, wrench and more. There are different versions of this tool so you can easily find one that will suit your man.

These are just some basic gifts for men that are unique and a little exciting. Remember, you do not have to give all three items or all at gifts at once. Space the gifts out and surprise your man with something different this year.

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