Best Fake Gifts Ideas

What is the worst gift you’ve ever received? We have all received one or two in our lives and if you didn’t well I guess you still have something bad to look forward to. But some gifts that we might think are bad others consider cool! This is where knowing the person comes to play. Other times wacky gifts work is when you want to get a good laugh out of people.

So if you are looking for the best fake gifts ideas that you can prank someone with or want to get them to laugh, here they are!

Best Fake Gifts Ideas

Prank Pack Bathe and Brew– This is an empty box with a shower-pot fixture on it. Honestly, watching your coffee drip in the pot while you shower seems like a great idea to me. It saves time, doesn’t it? 

Fake Cake– The fake cake trend seems to be rising and always improving. You can create a fake cake by taping a blown up balloon to a piece of cardboard and covering it in whipped cream. Add a few sprinkles and your cake will look as delicious as the real thing. When the person cuts the cake, they will get a loud pop and some whipped cream and sprinkles splattered all around. You can also try this with a large sponge where the person will be cutting the cake and nothing will be happening. That’s truly a cruel joke.

Prank Pack Turn and Churn- If someone you know loves ice cream, they will enjoy this gift, at least until they realize it’s fake! Who wouldn’t want to be able to make their own ice cream using their car? This invention should be real, people! Prank Pack makes other ridiculous gifts that you’ll love and get a good laugh out of.

Fake Lottery Tickets– Okay, this might now be the nicest thing you can do to someone but it sure is funny. Instead of giving them one fake lottery ticket, get a few different real lottery tickets and tuck the fake one with them. Make sure the person scratches them when you’re around to capture their reaction. This could be a great gag gift during holidays and birthdays.

These are just a few best fake gifts ideas that will get you and your company laughing. If they get mad, well I guess you’ll just have to wait for them to prank you back.

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